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Common Information Platform for Natural Hazards

Latest News About GIN

GIN 3.3 was released recently. The main features of the new version include improvements in the user prompting and information. In addition new diagram types, which improve the readability of the data, have been integrated with immediate effect. In terms of content, new feedback from SLF observers and a weekly flood forecast are now also available.
Another cantonal stations were added. Snowhydrological bulletins and snow maps are available now.
The GUI was updated with the feature to show or hide additional layers, such as forest areas or the cantons borders. The zoom function was improved and new is the possibility to export data in a csv file.
GIN 3.0 is released. The users are now able to do another customisable settings. The training documentation can be found in the section "Document".
The short user manual was updated with explanations to the earthquake data, COSMO-forecasts, the new navigation structure and some functions for diagrams.
The data from the Swiss Seismological Service (SED) were integrated and some improvements are done, most of them for the warning module "Cockpit".
The training concept was revised. GIN-users can do a learning program in two courses.
GIN 2.0 is released. A warning tool for natural hazard is now available in the cockpit section. Snowhydrological data were added.
Additional cantonal hydrological and meteorological measurement stations as well as a part of the NABEL-measurement network were integrated in GIN.
To simplify GIN, the graphical user interface was revised continuously and the quick users guide was updated and now there is a Help-Point for support by telephone.
In addition to some bug fixes another satellite images were integrated.
The GUI was improved and the first customisable settings are now available.
A lot of optimisations for the GUI were done and the browser compatibility was improved. Further functions for predictions were implemented.
The joint internet platform GIN is operational as of today. This portal allows specialists in the field to consult measurement and forecast data relevant to natural hazards provided by various federal and cantonal agencies, presented here for the first time in a pooled and standardised form.